Welcome to World Link, a place where visually impaired and limited sight users can interact in multi-player text adventures using standard screen readers. These games are a type of "interactive fiction", where you are part of a live action book, but so are others! As you enter each world, the places, items and events will be described to you. And you'll have to make decisions about where to go and what to do next. In addition you will also come across other players in the world. Here you can make new friends and have exciting adventures in an environment friendly to your special needs as a player.

You can enter the various worlds here by clicking the appropriate button below. If you are using a screen reader, choose the accessible version. If you are not visually impaired, and do not require a screen reader to play the game, choose the regular version. After you've been logged in you will find the command input button at the bottom of the page.


Kyrandia is a fairy tale land of magic and mystery, realm of the beautiful and powerful goddess of Kyrandia, Tashanna, the "Lady of Legends." Here, you begin as a young apprentice from a small village who seeks to grow in knowledge, wisdom, and power, with high hopes of being granted the title of "Arch-Mage of Legends" -- the mightiest wizard of Kyrandia! To achieve your goal, you must cross the lands of Kyrandia, face unknown perils, solve mystical enigmas, battle rivalrous mages, and conquer your own mind, body, and soul.


It's your vacation, and as a seasoned intergalactic traveler, you are accustomed to the occasional hyperspace grid interlock, or matter-transmitter hiccup.

But this is something else entirely! You were just beaming down to FAZUUL, playground pleasure planet of the galactic elite, when all of a sudden the vortex cannonballed, the goonplasm deflated, and the freplishers skrank out. You are left standing on the tarmac in front of a large, deserted alien city.

Quest for Magic

You will start off as a wandering apprentice of an ancient wizard. Your master has recently died, but he sent you on a Quest with his last dying words. The Quest? To restore the lost magic of the world of Peyennuu.

Quest for Zen

You find yourself in an oriental world of mental power and physical strength, where dozens of other aspiring warriors will join you in the quest to become a Zen Master Ninja. This triangular piece of land, which has been a training ground for students of nin-jitsu for generations, is bordered on one side by Shinto Mountain, and on the other two sides by the River of the Kami-no-michi. Unknown to the world, this mystical place is filled with unmatched power... and unescapable danger!

Here, you will be battling your fellow students in order to progress onward through the nine levels of power. To achieve each level, you must first defeat another ninja of equal or higher power than yourself and then complete a task (puzzles which must be solved from hints within the game). Starting off as a mere beginning ninja, it will take patience, wisdom, strategy, and skill to fight your way to the top of the ninja heirarchy. The path of the ninja is not for everyone -- many will fail, and only a few will find true success. Your destiny remains to be discovered...

Sorceror's Isle

...Centuries ago, on the forgotten world of Shar, a conclave of some of the greatest sorcerors in the Universe gathered to study science and magic. In their studies, they discovered the ultimate combination: mixing technology with spell-weaving. This strange mating of different taps upon the Essence of the Universe resulted in many powerful, amazing, and sometimes dangerous objects and machines. And with their newfound power, they constructed a magnificent city in the sky -- the City in the Clouds. Everything seemed to be Heaven on Shar, until one day, every sorceror vanished. The city was quiet, except for the soft whistling of the wind.

Now, you find yourself preparing to begin a journey... a journey that will take you to the lost City of the Clouds in an attempt to unlock the great mysteries of the hybrid science and magic. Indeed, you seek to master the omnipotent secrets of these ancient sorcerors. As you sit at the terminal of your Adventure-matic Teleportation Device (Sub-Class F), where you have already programmed the coordinates of your destination, you realize all you have to do is click to begin your quest...

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